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Sports do not build the character , they reveal it . In this hectic life of twenty — first century, staying fit has become the need of the hour for our youngsters . Great achievements come our way when we maintain our physical fitness can be attained by indulging in outdoor activities.
St. Lawrence Public Sr. Sec. School offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor games. Students enthusiastically participate in numerous indoor games such as table-tennis, carromboard etc. St. Lawrence Public Sr. Sec. School focuses on mind power games such as chess, Sudoku, block games etc.
An extensive range of outdoor games is also offered by our school including various sports like basketball, football, throwball, volleyball and many more.
Our school encourages students to indulge themselves in more physical activities to ensure their well being and boost up their energetic charisma.
The school has invited in a full sized Basketball and volleyball courts. There are dedicated areasa for preaching Toe-Kwon-Do. Special Skating arena has facilitated children to learn to more on wheels smoothly.